By Emma Rustenberghe

Peer pressure is an issue that everyone deals with in their lives, the only difference is the amount of time and when they deal with it.

Peer pressure by definition is the influence from members of one’s peer group.  The most important part about peer pressure isn’t its meaning its the way people deals with it, which happens in many ways, but here are some of the most common.

The number one way according to many sources is to just avoid it.  As simple as this sounds in reality it isn’t for many people, many people still fall to the darkness of this evil.

The best way to do avoid it is to just stay away from places that make you feel uncomfortable, by doing this you will be safe from peer pressure in most cases.

Another way to obtain a higher self-esteem is to be proud.  When one receives higher self-esteem they ultimately will not fall to peer pressure as easily.

A seemingly simple way to avoid being pressured into actions which you shouldn’t doing, can be to just say no.   This may seem extremely simple and almost dumb, but many times people will say no, but still fall to the their peers.

This happens many times since teens will say no, with a passive voice and this passive voice doesn’t make the friend stop by any means in many cases.

Peer pressure to some can be something they joke about or don’t take seriously but many students and teens are deeply effected by it.

One statistic, which many people will see as mundane or let roll off their shoulders, is the fact that 50 percent of teens have been peer pressure in their relationships sexually, and this is only the beginning, many are pressured with substance abuse as well.

Though all this peer pressure is negative there are is some ways it can be positive.  An example of this would be if a student maybe made an amazing project and this compels another student to try to create a better one.

Though peer pressure is a huge problem there are ways in which it can be avoided in high school or at any time in ones life, just remember to say no.



By Zach Reifschneider

Originality and creativity are two of the most important skills essential to filmmaking. It is usually films with very new techniques, new formulas for plot and pacing or stories we have not yet been told that garner awards and high praise.  There will always be films with a new way to wow the audience or with a new story to tell; however, in mainstream cinema today, new and creative films are becoming harder and harder to find.  What you will certainly find today (and sometimes in excess) is a large number of sequels, reboots, remakes, and series.

One of the biggest grievances and moneymakers towards Hollywood for decades is sequels. Often these sequels are mere rehashes and cash cows.  Why?  Because they’re successful and the series is loved by an audience.  The simplest reason primarily for sequel films or reboots is money.  Think about this: would you rather do the same job for a decent sum of money, or do something new you’ve never done before for a possibly larger sum of money?  Most people would stick with doing the same thing for the simple reason that they know how to do the job or they do not like the off chance of not receiving a larger sum.  That is essentially what film companies do with series’, sequels, reboots, etc.

If you look at the top 10 grossing films of 2011, you will see that NINE of those ten are sequels that have made upwards of $186 million.  This trend continues over the next 9 years; the average number of sequels each year from 2007-2015 is 5.56 each year.  Currently, of all the sequels of these years, the lowest grossing was Quantum of Solace, bringing in $168 million; clearly, Hollywood is making huge bucks with their slew of sequels, so why stop?

Sticking to a clichéd formula, similar story and same characters has proved to be financially successful for Hollywood; it may continue to prove this in the future.

Some sequels can often be improvements onto the franchise or even prove to be better. Sequels such as Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (sequel to A New Hope), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Sequel to The Terminator), or Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King (Sequel to Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers) are praised as the best of their franchises and the most successful as well.  Their directors, writers and staff respectively chose to take risks or expand on the universe of their film and many of those new plot points or directions taken in the film chose to be smart.

This is the big difference between a good sequel and a bad sequel.  A good sequel will take new risks and expand the story of the previous whilst sticking with a similar formula.  However, a bad sequel will often create a plot often unnecessary, does not or should work in the film’s universe or is just ridiculous, such as in the case of the 2015 sequel to the 1994 beloved comedy Dumb and Dumber; the sequel follows characters Harry and Lloyd in a trip across the United States when Harry discovers he needs a new kidney and he has a daughter.  Almost 20 years later and this is the best they can do?

Film series’ are quite prominent today as well; however, many prominent ones are both original and make good sequels. Some of the most successful series, such as the Marvel comics’ films, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Star Wars series hold some of the highest grossing films in history.  In total, Marvel has earned a whopping $8,652,764,890 in the box office, currently making it the most successful film series in history.  This is one series that continues to build onto existing superhero franchises while working in new ones and building bridges in their universe.

Hopefully in coming years, more people start to look towards independent filmmaking for originality. Unfortunately, indie films and such are not as mainstream for audiences to view them.  However, certain indie films such as Boyhood, Room, and Whiplash were successful enough to launch into the mainstream.  Maybe one day, we can see an increase in more independent works garnering the attention unnecessary sequels receive.



By Zach Reifschneider

(Note: The film GETT: The Trial of Viviane Ansalem was released internationally in 2014 but to the US in 2015, therefore constituting as a 2015 film.)

  1. Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton is a biographical film that chronicles the upstart, the success and the legacy of the Compton, California-based rap group N.W.A. and the lives of its members. As someone who is a fan of N.W.A. and the genre of rap, this is a film I found myself captivated in.  It is a powerful look at the lives of the average man in the crime-riddled city of Compton.  It is a powerful testament to the roots of rap and rap culture along with a personal, detailed view into the personal lives and struggles of the men who changed the genre of hip-hop.

  1. GETT: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

GETT: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem is an Israeli-French drama about a woman (Ronit Elkabetz) trying to get a divorce from her manipulative and cruel husband (Simon Ebkarian) ; however, in Israel, marriages may only be officiated or dissolved by a rabbi and with the husband’s consent. What ensues is an interesting look at the weariness of Viviane who is determined to get her way.  Though it can be slightly boring at times, it is an emotional and suspenseful look at a woman with courage that transcends cultures and Israeli culture today.   Elkabetz is a powerful actor and her performance is something of greatness.


  1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is without a doubt the most exhilarating and fun movie of 2015. Veteran director George Miller, the director of the Mad Max trilogy (1979-1985) that made Mel Gibson a star, is at his best here in terms of cinematography, writing and directing.  Tom Hardy was a perfect choice for the titular and kick-ass role of the road warrior Mad Max.  Miller’s absolute over-the-top and explosive (literally) revival to his 30 year old series was a perfect way to bring new fans in and I hope to see if he can top himself with his next mad Max film.  This easily became my favorite film in the series.

  1. Amonalisa

Amonalisa is a film that was not even on my radar until I was told about it by a friend. As someone who has only seen one film by Charlie Kaufman, Being John Malkovich, I wasn’t sure about this one, but after seeing it, I can say that this is surely one of the best animated films I’ve seen in recent years.  The story follows a motivational speaker (David Thewlis) who meets a woman (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who shakes up his monotonous life.  For an animated film, it feels surprisingly real.  The story is very realistic and relatable; these characters are as real as many I’ve seen on screen all year.  The animation style is different from other films, but is nonetheless pleasing to the eyes.  While not everyone will like it as much as others, it is definitely worth seeing.

  1. It Follows

Fans of horror and suspense alike will have a field day with It Follows. It Follows is without a doubt the most suspenseful and best horror movie of 2015.  The story follows a girl who finds herself experiencing visions and the sense that something is after her after having a strange sexual encounter.  This is a horror film that is both original and inspired; it uses devices to build fear and suspense as one might see in a John Carpenter film, yet takes the feeling of someone following them to a new level of terror; the homage to multiple classic horror films is respectful and works for the film.  It is a must watch for horror fans.

  1. Son of Saul

Son of Saul is a Hungarian film about a concentration camp worker (Geza Rohrig) in Auschwitz who finds his son and tries to find a rabbi who will bury his dying son. Through the powerful and close viewing of Auschwitz in an almost first-person way, director Lazlo Nemes takes us through the grittiness and raw emotion of a concentration camp and with the people in it.  I have not seen such a powerful film about concentration camps and the people within its walls since Schindler’s List.  Anyone who is a fan of historical films will enjoy Son of Saul.


  1. Spotlight

Spotlight is a biography on the Boston Globe uncovering a series of cover-ups done by the Catholic Church to hide any proof of sexual abuse of children in 2001. As a journalist and someone interested in stories of journalists, I found Spotlight extremely captivating and respectful in terms of coverage; it was fair towards all parties and told the story in detail and in truth.  The performances of Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Liev Schreiber were all great portrayals and played as great journalists.  The story itself might make the audience feel uncomfortable; however, this story does not hold back and will give every detail, much like how a reporter should.  Each character on this small team of reporters on the story was very layered and given plenty of development so you could really get into their heads and get what they’re feeling.


  1. The Revenant

There was a lot of hype built around The Revenant, and for good reason. Alejandro González Iñárritu, director of Birdman, was directing the project; the main characters would be played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy; the cinematography would be done by Emmanuel Lubezki.  It sounds like a modern masterpiece.  The end result turned out to be one of the most popular films of 2015 and won 3 Oscars, including DiCaprio’s first Oscar win.  The Revenant takes place in 1823 when frontiersman Hugh Glass is injured by a bear and left for dead by his own hunting team.  Fueled by anger, Glass attempts to track down his team while returning to civilization.  DiCaprio really shows off his talent in a film with little dialogue and tons of action.  The realism is also something to admire; the bear attack looks extremely gritty and violent, yet so real at the same time.  The cinematography is stunning and beautiful as ever; there are many times in the film where I thought, “How did they achieve this shot?” or “How did they execute this?”  One thing to admire about the film is Inarritu chose to go with practical locations instead of CGI; though the cast was not fond of being in the cold, Inarritu wanted it to look both real and good; and good it looked.  This is a must-watch, and while some parts may be slightly unrealistic and is hard to watch multiple times, it is nonetheless a great film and deserved every award it was given.



  1. Ex Machina

There are many definitive science fiction movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, Alien, Children of Men, Sunshine, The Fifth Element and A Clockwork Orange are just a few. I would go as few as to say that Ex Machina belongs on the list of the greatest sci-fi movies of our time.  Ex Machina chronicles Alex (Domhall Gleeson), a computer programmer, who wins a contest to spend a week at the estate of Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac), an eccentric yet genius CEO for a computer firm who creates a robot with extremely humanlike actions and thoughts (Alicia Vikander).  What follows is an awe-inspiring look into what it means to be human and the possibilities of science in our modern world.  Ex Machina is an intelligent yet simple film with a lot to say about society and humanity as a whole.  I continue to think about this film to this day and wonder “What does it mean to be human?”  This film is visually stunning with some of the best special effects I have ever seen.  The score of Ex Machina is haunting yet beautiful, mixing synth with brass and keyboard to provide an electronic yet ambient feel to it.  Every character differs to the other: Gleeson as an awkward, introverted, by the book man; Isaac as an eccentric yet unorthodox risk taker; Vikander as an innocent yet humanlike robot.  Each play their parts extremely well but Isaac was the shining star in this film.  This is an absolute must-watch for sci-fi fans.

  1. Room

I am not one to cry during movies. Before I saw Room, The only movie I’ve found myself getting teary-eyed during was Schindler’s List.  Room is a movie that will that break your heart many times over throughout its roller coaster of emotions shown and portrayed.  Room is the story of a boy (Jacob Tremblay) and his Ma (Brie Larson) being held captive in a small shed and them eventually gaining their freedom.  Larson’s performance is nothing less than powerful; the emotions she is able to show throughout the film is stunning and her struggle to survive and raise her son in these conditions and ultimately breaking free from captivity will leave you heartbroken.  The realism in the events that unfold is shocking.  Everything about the film, from the score to the tone, is powerful and arresting.  It is a must see.



By: Leah Martin

There are all types of different people here on earth and we all like to live in our own way. Some of us don’t even know where or how we wan’t to spend our lives. Some of us like tiny houses, some of us like mansions, or maybe you just want to live modern. Either way, these lifestyles are unique in their own way. So now you may be wondering “What kind of lifestyle would i want to live in”? well there are many different ways you might want to go about your life. Try to think about who you are as a person and incorporate that in your own personal way of living. Lifestyle is based on your desires,hobby’s, and also who you are as a person.

The city is a beautiful place full of many people and well just more people! From the excerpt, the city is loaded with tons of energy, meaning if you love to be around people and creating conversation, the city would be your cup of tea! “ There are always people around doing something, and that can be exciting. However, some people may not like that kind of atmosphere” (Forbes). As you can see, if you are more on the extravert side and love being around people the city is defiantly for you. Also from an excerpt, if you love going places with friends or taking adventures to many different places then the city is very much for you. “if you’re the type of person to adhere to Queen songs and search out the best food/coffee/bar/fashion/music…then why aren’t you saying goodbye to your loved ones and making your arrangements to move to NYC already” (clements)? Clearly, if you love trying new things and going on various adventures then the city is in your hands! In all, the city is a place that craves fire and never wants to be burnt out!

But! The country is also a very gorgeous place that is huge and open to anyone also. From the excerpt, Living in the country and calm and silent. Its not crowded and its not loud. “After five years of spending mornings in silence, listening to the sounds of pheasants, guinea, and owls,our closeness to nature started to become rapidly apparent” (magyer). This shows, if you love area,peace, and quiet then the country is more for you. Also from the an excerpt, Everyone plans everything accordingly and no one misses out! “Family gatherings,weddings and other major get-together were planned around the following: chore time, hustin’ season, calving season, harvest season,etc. That is just how things are done” (Bos). obviosuly, if you love tradition and love being family with everyone, then the country life is for you. In conclusion, The country is definitely an amazing and adventurous experience.

By Zach Reifschneider

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is a story about a ragtag group (Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel) of intergalactic criminals that come together to stop a common evil. Marvel Studios takes their superhero genre and flips it completely on its head for this film, and ultimately created a hilarious ride with new superheroes.  Though none of these heroes have particular powers, it is their likeability and hilarity that captivates the audience.  The action and comedic aspects blend together well and lead to a fun adventure full of interesting heroes that is easy to like.


  1. Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a drama about a writer (Ben Affleck) who becomes a suspect in the disappearance of his wife (Rosamund Pike) on their anniversary. As a fan of the book, I felt the movie was a great adaption.  Directed by David Fincher (director of Fight Club and Se7en), the film is meticulously able to shift emphasis in the way a good crime drama should to uncover more about the plot.  The plot makes an attempt to stay ahead of the audience and keep them in suspense and does a solid job overall.

  1. Life Itself

Life Itself is a documentary on the life of Roger Ebert, one of the most renowned film critics of all time. Filmmaker Steve James chronicles his personality, his tense rivalry with critic Gene Siskel, and his battles with alcoholism and cancer.  As a journalist and someone who likes to talk about films, Ebert inspired me with his unique and groundbreaking techniques of reviewing film; without him, film reviews would be much different than they are today.  It was very interesting and captivating to see clips of Ebert argue with Siskel over the value and greatness of a film.  If you are someone who likes film reviews or just learning about film in general, I highly recommend this one.

  1. The Raid 2

The Raid 2 won’t be taking home any Oscars, but is it ever refreshing to see an action film with originality like this. The Raid 2 is an Asian action film following a rookie Jakarta cop going undercover to take down a criminal empire.  While this is a sequel, you do not necessarily have to see the Raid: Redemption to understand this one, although I would recommend seeing it because this film is similar to its predecessor.  The Raid 2 boasts over-the-top action and violence similar to the style of the 2006 action film Crank mixed with phenomenally choreographed fight sequences and some astounding camera work.  If you are a fan of any martial arts, over-the-top stylized violence or crime films, this is a must-watch for you.

  1. Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler is a crime drama about a man (Jake Gyllenhaal) looking for work and discovers the world of Los Angeles crime journalism. This film is one of the grittiest of the year.  Gyllenhaal is a complex, sinister oddball who banks off the expense of others, filming car crashes and gory events for news stations and other forms of media.  It is an interesting look at a possible freelance photographer’s life and provides excellent commentary on television and new stations today.  It is a very dark and odd film, but it is a great film nonetheless.

  1. Foxcatcher

Foxcatcher is a biography loosely based on multimillionaire John du Pont (Steve Carell) inviting Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and his brother Dave (Mark Ruffalo) to move to du Pont’s estate to help form a wrestling team for the 1988 Olympics. This is a very unconventional sports film, but still a great piece of film.  While some of the events seemed unrealistically dramatized and felt slightly repetitive, I still enjoyed the film.  Steve Carell performed very well in a serious role, something that surprised me given his track record of involvement in comedy-based shows and films; he was the best part of this movie.  One minor detail I particularly liked was the usage of makeup to make Carell’s noise look larger to look more like the real John du Pont.  It was a nice touch and one I did not realize until I saw the real du Pont.  Ruffalo and Tatum did a great job as well.

  1. American Sniper

The best word I can use to describe Clint Eastwood’s biography on one of the most awarded and controversial figure in military history is “powerful”. Every aspect of this film is powerful, from the harrowing acting of Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle to the riveting war sequences.  There are very few war films that get as personal as this one does.  Regardless of your feelings towards Chris Kyle, this is a must-see.  Director Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper and writer Jason Hall all gave their best performances here.

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel


  1. Birdman

Birdman was one of the most hyped films of the year. The consensus between moviegoers was that you either would love it or you would hate it.  Ultimately, I loved it.  Birdman is a story of an actor who formerly played a superhero trying to put on an ambitious Broadway production to prove he isn’t a one-trick washed up star.  One of the best parts of the film was the cinematography and the appearance that Birdman was filmed in one single continuous take.  While it was not, with the usage of phenomenal editing and camera work, it appeared as one take.  The director of Birdman, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, is known for his gorgeous cinematography in films such as Babel, 21 Grams and 2015 film The Revenant, and this film is simply him at his best.  The performances of Michael Keaton and Edward Norton emotionally carried the film as well as the tone of urgency and anxiety to create perfection they and their co-stars created.  I almost placed Birdman as the best film of 2014, but that honor belongs to another film…

  1. Whiplash

I can say with 100% certainty that Whiplash is a movie people will look back on in five, ten or even 20 years from now and still enjoy it. It is, simply put, a modern masterpiece.  The story chronicles 19 year old drummer Andrew (Miles Teller) joining a musical college with dreams of becoming the next great drummer in a jazz band whilst being mentored by cutthroat band director Fletcher (J.K. Simmons).  This film is carried by the amazing performances of Teller and Simmons; Andrew is a young determined man with a dream who will go to any measure to impress and show he has the capability to become a great drummer.  Fletcher, however, is a thick-skinned, no holding back man with a desire to bring out the best in his musicians, using insults and whatever means necessary to break them down and build them back up.  These characters coincide and interact in ways I can only describe as intense and powerful.  The writer and director Damien Chazelle seemingly wrote lines specifically for Teller and Simmons because the delivery feels so natural for them.  While the story of a musician may feel uninteresting for some, the message it aims to deliver about the struggle for greatness can be applied towards anything, be it sports, academics, et cetera.  Whiplash also boasts perhaps the greatest third act of a film I’ve ever seen; where most films start to feel dragged out and tired towards the end, Whiplash gets better and better as the show goes on.  This is a film you can’t miss.

By: Leah Martin

Being a couch potato is not always a bad thing! Occasionally, it is nice just to lay on your couch and eat whatever you want. Im not saying do it everyday, but you should enjoy it while you can because soon we will have to go back to school to live our lives again and spending too much time with people is just so overwhelming.

Being a couch potato is truly beautiful because sometimes we forget what it’s really like to relax. From the excerpt, Kids who spend a little over an hour on homework are damaging their pupils which eventually can hurt the brain. “Homework should take just 60 minutes for pupils to benefit most and results drop if it takes longer than 90 minutes, a new study has revealed” (Crawford). Clearly, us high school students are spending more than an hour on homework which is little overpowering, so in order to let our brains come to rest, our only solution is to lay down and watch some good old full house. From another excerpt, Kids all over the united states are doing after school activities to get into colleges or just to feel like they need to fit in. “For some families, kids may be driving the schedule because they don’t want to feel left out. Teens may feel pressure to boost their roster of activities to get into the college of their choice” (Lyness)..Obviously, “fitting in” and finding the right college are 2 of the main worry’s anyone can have when attending school, but that doesn’t mean you would have to stress that all the time. Being able to flush all your thoughts and fears is the best thing for yourself and you can start doing that by meditating like reading a book or watching your new favorite t.v series on amazon prime. Overall, calming your mind and body is very essential to living a long and healthy life.

Moving forward, Staying home and doing whatever you want can be good for figuring out who you are as a person. Alway’s spending time with people can be confusing. From the excerpt, Being alone is good for problem solving when you go out in the real world interacting with others. “When you remove as many distractions and interruptions as you can from your day, you are better able to concentrate, which will help you get more work done in a shorter amount of time” (Carter). This shows that being by yourself gives you time to really think about who you are and how you really want to live your life in the outside world. On the other hand, according to many mothers (including mine), laying down all day eating potato chips isn’t really the ideal to living a healthy lifestyle. Being around people and getting your vitamin D while making good grades is the most beneficial to your mind and body. Unfortunately, it’s not all that easy mom and dad. Because staying up till 3AM and consuming only 3 hours of sleep before a test can be excruciating or spending all your energy around other people can be frustrating and annoying . In sum, Spending time alone is frugal because we are only human and we can’t live just being busy around everything all the time.

In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with being a couch potato here and there. It’s ok to take a break or be alone once in a while. Humans are not made to be able to do everything all in one crunch. We actually need something to hold us together and keep us strong and if that means taking a nap, reading a book, or listening to your favorite sound track then by all means be my guest!


By Nick Geddes

Coming into the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, the United States women’s soccer team was listed as the odds on favorite to win gold.

After all the team was coming off Olympic gold in 2012 as well as winning the world cup in 2015.

After some early wins in the tournament and a draw, the squad was defeated by Sweden 2-1 in penalties in the quarterfinals.

The early exit came as a surprise to many in the homeland considering the #1 world Fifa ranking the team had earned.

Despite outshooting Sweden 27-6 throughout the game, the Americans found it tough to breakthrough. In the 61st minute, Sweden struck first as Stina Blackstenius scored the game’s first goal to put the pressure USA. In the 77th minute however, striker Alex Morgan responded to bring the game to a tie.

It would remain scoreless to the 90th minute as the game would head to extra time. After some near misses, the game remained tied. Penalty kicks became the deciding factor in the game.

Sweden would go on to win the penalties 4-3 to knock the Americans out of the tournament.

Sweden has proved to be a very tough opponent for USA since Jill Ellis was named manager in 2012. In four matchups, USA is 0-2-2 against Sweden.

Following the loss, goalkeeper Hope Solo has drawn headlines for her notion on twitter towards the Swedish national team.

“The best team did not win today. I strongly believe that,” Solo said to the media in attendance . She would go on to say “Sweden dropped off, they did not want open play”.

Sweden will face Brazil in the semifinal.

By: Leah Martin

There are around 6 or 7 pool at Carroll High School in Indiana! And none really in Florida. Now for those who don’t know… Indiana is cold and snowy, so to have pools there seems to be a little odd. BUT what is more odd is we have no pools at our schools here in Florida. So why do we have no pools when it is hot and humid down here!? Well it seems that some schools don’t think its as important and they cost too much money.

Florida does not have many pools because of the high cost. From the excerpt, at Eureka High School, the heater broke, which eventually would lead to investing a bunch of money to fix. “But the clincher occurred in December, when the heater failed in the half-century-old Eureka High School pool, which, it turns out, had drains that were not in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Act. Facing declining enrollment and a severe budget crisis, district administrators opted to permanently drain the pool rather than pay for repairs” (pooke). As you can see, it can be difficult for some districts to replace something that is broken from a pool, so they will probably just have to decide to shut it down. Also from an excerpt, Florida can flood often, the cost to fix a school with floods is very high. “The South Florida Water Management District now spends about $50 million a year fixing flood-control facilities, and in the coming months district officials are expected to consider ways to prioritize and pay for more upkeep and upgrades” (Reid). This shows that Florida schools don’t have many pools because of all the floods and the cost of those floods. Upnorth, they don’t have to pay for extra fees like floods. In all, Florida doesn’t have school pools because of the cost of all the damaging they would have to pay for.

Moving forward, Florida also does not have a lot of pools because the schools or districts don’t feel its that important to swim. How weird since we live in water! From the excerpt, some districts just don’t feel like there is any importance in swimming, all it would be doing is taking up time. “Efforts are under way by water enthusiasts to petition the Legislature to make swimming proficiency a high school graduation or an elementary school promotion requirement. While experts wait for that effort to materialize, they urge school administrators to recognize the value of being able to swim” (Williams). Clearly, since we have so much “work”, we don’t have the time to swim. On the hand, swimming should be an option/elective or sport to take at school, it doesn’t have to be a requirement. If we a as a school district are willing to take irrelevant classes like homeroom then we should be putting our time into learning how to swim. Overall, swimming pools should be essential to our schools in Florida because we are surrounded by water and its important to know the basics, which doesn’t even take that long.


By: Meghan Fletcher

In 1943, Edwin H. Land conceives of the instant camera because his 3-year-old daughter asks why she can’t see the picture he has just taken of her. That day, Land gives the world the 1st Polaroid camera.

Land describes the camera as” [The Polaroid camera is] a system that will be a partner in perception, enabling us to see the objects in the world around us more vividly than we can see them without it, a system to be an aid to memory and a tool for exploration.”

About a year ago the Polaroid camera comes back into style along with high waisted jeans and body suit.

The high waisted jeans first came into style when the denim manufacturer Levi’s produced jeans for women working on the land and in factories for the war effort in the 1940’s. The style was popular throughout all aspects of women’s clothing at this time and allowed them to retain their modesty while bending down to work at their jobs.

The first version of the bodysuit (originally called a maillot) was popularized by a famous Parisian trapeze artist Jules Leotard. The name “leotard” was developed several years after his death, and needless to say, the one-piece-wonder stuck around. From ballerinas to Parisian showgirls, leotards became an onstage staple. The trend carried over to the States on Broadway stages in New York City during the early 1900s.

The body suit snap crotch is a little strange for some people who have been grown up in the 20th century. However, most teens and young adults now find this intriguing by learning they won’t have to tuck in their shirts again.

It is not a surprise that these older trends are coming back. Fashion trends do seems to cycle every 20 years or so. They may be called by a different name, but the style is the same. The boy suit, the Polaroid and high waisted jeans are just the recycling of how they were like in the 1900s.



By: Meghan Fletcher

Running is liberation. Freedom. It helps some people to tear their stressful lives, letting people forget all their worries and pains for an hour, few minutes or even seconds.

Many sports have practices during the summer for the fall seasons coming up in the school year. One of the sports that begin way before summer starts is cross country.

The summer conditioning starts in early May because the first meet starts as soon as school begins. This year the sport started in early June at Durant and at the Dover trails located off of state road 60 near Dover.

The team trains for the 5 kilometer run that every meet consist of almost every weekend. Craig Shimkus, who is the coach in charge of the whole sport, welcomes newcomers and more people to join the team.

The definition of cross country is across fields or countryside, as opposed to on roads or tracks.

Running cross country is hard. There are hills, rough trails, tough competition, and other challenges, so it takes a lot of hard work to succeed.

Not many people believe that they can join a sport because they are not athletic enough to participate but everyone is welcomed. In cross country, the people are more of a family and a team combined.

The team looks out for each other and the upperclassmen are always supportive of the lower classmen. Everyone will soon fall in love with the sport and the people that are in it.

Cross country can also be used to stay fit for other sports such as wrestling, football and soccer. The whole point of the sport is to run long distance but fast. That is what the other sports want. That people can run fast and for a long period of time.